The new SQuape X[dripper]

We present you the first dripper made by StattQualm! The SQuape X[dripper] is fully compatible with the SQuape X[dream], X[s] and X[nano]. 100% Swiss Made

The SQuape X[dripper] is distinguished by its excellent flavor production as well as its very simple and user-friendly handling:
- The deck XDr offers an enormous amount of space and has been specially adapted to the needs of dripping. It can be used as single or dual coil.
- The AFC is completely Open Draw and can be flexibly adjusted down to MTL. Two small airholes are placed as an addition on the back of the AFC (1.6mm and 2mm diameter).
- The SQuip Tip XDr consists of Delrin and is absolutely very comfortable. You can use this mouthpiece as a mouthpiece pickup or remove it and use a custom 510s mouthpiece on the TopCap.
- Cooling fins at the upper end of the topcap - for pleasant temperature while using the dripper on high performances.
- The 3-mode lock of the SQuape X[dream] and X[s] has been converted into a 2-mode lock in the TopCap. You can thus lock the TopCap completely.
- Simple dripping either through the mouthpiece or directly on your wick because of the quickly removable TopCap
- The vape chamber creates a very clear and excellent taste.

You can easily convert the Dripper into a fully functional SQuape X[dream], X[s], or X[nano]. For this, you only need a desired tank from the X series, an AFC ring, closing ring and a deck X or SC. It is even easier to convert a SQuape X RTA into a SQuape X [dripper]. For this, you only need the SQuape X[dripper] convertible set and you can use the SQuape X as a full-featured dripper.

Stainless steel: 1.4404 (316L)
Deck: Aluminium ematalised
Pins: Ecobrass gold-plated
SQuipTip: Delrin

Height incl. SQuipTip XDr: 40mm
Height without SQuipTip XDr: 29mm
Dia: 22mm
Weight: 50.5gr
SQuipTip bore: 8,5mm

Available from March 28th 2017 auf und bei unseren Partnern




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