Statement - TPD2

Dear SQuapers
This statement is all about the TPD2 in Europe and what's happening next. I try to keep this statement as short as possible with my best English.
StattQualm faces a new challenge after the currency chaos 2015/2016. We are glad to inform you, that we have, tested, notified and registered all current products of the SQuape X[dream] and X[s] in our main markets in TPD2-Land. Due to some requests, we need to clarify, that Switzerland isn't a member of the EU. So you will always be able to order products of StattQualm in Switzerland - doesn't matter if those products are TPD2 complient or not. To be honest, we are not sure how risky it will be for non Swiss private clients to import non-TPD2-complient goods into their country, but worst case would be, that the goods being returned by the customes back to Switzerland. Anyways, SQuape X and Xs are notified and will be TPD2 complient. It sounds probably strange that a company of a non-EU country like Switzerland was able to notify their products for the TPD2-Land. Well, it worked and we are happy about that.
Due to the fact, that some countries are charging exordinary fees for registering every product, we had to decide which product in which country shall be notified and registered. It would just take to long to list everything. For you as a SQuaper it's important to know, that you can purchase spares and accessories in your country legally, as long as the shops got them in stock. Untill May 2017 our partners can sell off their existing non-complient stock. But, they can't import non-complient items from now on. After May 20th 2017 our partners are able to sell only TPD2 complient items anymore. What does this all mean for you. SQuape V1, R[eloaded], R[s] and their accessories and spares won't be available anymore in TPD2-Land after May 20st 2017 or earlier. But, they will be still available in Switzerland. As I mentioned, SQuape X[dream] and X[s] will be still available in TPD2-Land - also after May 20st 2017 - depends if the TPD2-Country allows only 2ml tanks or bigger. In terms of accessories and spare parts it depends if we notified and registered them in the particular country or not. In the case you don't get an item in your country, you are always able to check our shop in Switzerland as an example. We are keen to have all our spare parts and accessories in stock as long as they are in production.
What's next: I am honest with you - this whole TPD2 thing is very confusing sometimes. In some countries they don't allow this and that, but in others you can and in some countries they even have no idea how to implement the TPD2. As a small company of a non-TPD2 country it is sometimes really hard to understand every single extra in every country. There is a main TPD2 regulation, but each TPD2-EU-Country can implement the regulations how they interpret the EU legislation. It will take months and probably years, till all countries pulling in the same direction, if they ever do. Anyways, our team is doing its best, to keep our products available in the EU. New products are going to be, tested, notified and registered. If a product isn't notified in your country, you will be still able to order in Switzerland. We are working with the best partners to keep the SQuape alive! I don't have to mention that the EU market is our biggest market. I'd like to take the chance to thank our partners for their support - although they aren't in easy position right now as well. However it is sad to see some great hardware companies and juice makers are closing their businesses or have to close their doors within the next months. I wish all our competitors all the power and success they need to stay in the business. This market can only be great as long as we got a fair and good working competition. I am convinced that this is to be done.

SQuape on!
Chris, CEO StattQualm

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