Steamboat by StattQualm

To thank you all for your support we will organize a party for vapers - date: 07. August 2015. This party will be organized in cooperation with the "Freitagsschiff" and take place on a Nauen (boat), which is cruising on the Lake of Uri (Switzerland). Steamboat (Dampfschiff) by StattQualm! Admission (CHF 30.00) is free for our guests! You will also get a welcome drink - all other drinks have cash prizes and the proceeds go to benefit Freitagsschiff. Freitagsschiff can be found on Facebook.

Music: Rock by DJ Bay (Fabio Bay)

We would like to have you on our party! We would appreciate a commitment from you very much. We all celebrate together an exceptional vaper party. We can see the clouds of steam on the Lake of Uri.

Free tickets are for vapers only. You are welcome to share this post.

Important: Please register yourselves at as follows:
Subject: "steamboat"
Number of tickets (maximum 2 per person):
First name / surname:

As the number of free tickets is very limited we ask you to register only if you are certain you are able to attend. The allocation of free tickets takes place according to order of registration in the inbox. We will notify as soon as all free tickets are gone. We do not accept applications via FB-PN, SMS, steam signs or other options. The tickets must be picked up on the first round. Failure to pick up on the first round, the tickets are passed.

We recommend to search in Flüelen or Altdorf for any accomodations. We are happy to help you.

More information will follow on this event after confirmation of registration.

We are looking forward to this very special event!

Ship ahoy
Team StattQualm

from Flüelen: 19.00 / 20.30 / 22.00 / 23.30
from Sisikon: 19.30 / 21.00 / 22.30 / 24.00

from Bauen: 19.55 / 21.25 / 22.55 / 00.25

from Isleten: 20.10 / 21.40 / 23.10 / 00.40

The final round takes place without ascent and descent!

Note: The ship takes off (except storm) in any weather. In rainy weather, a large tent provides shelter. If the ship can not pass, the party takes place in the harbor of Flüelen.

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